I’m Lola and I love to be here, on this planet, living in the adorable city of Lisbon. I act, I prefer to live instead of wasting my time asking how should I do it, I’m a dreamer but I’m well grounded, I believe in the infinite power of my heart, I’m an artist transforming my own life in a masterpiece. I finally understood how to spend my days, what to choose between the two options that are always available – to be miserable or happy. I want to have a joyful journey!

On this blog I will share a story with you . It’s about how food – my worst enemy, my addiction, became my best friend, my passion my daily meditation, my way of healing the little girl inside me, my way to show love and gratitude, to honor the others, to get closer to their hearts.

The food I cook is fresh, simple and genuine, like a return to innocence. The food I cook is an act of love.

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  1. Felicitări pentru noul tau pas intru slavirea vieții, bucuria celor care îți vizitează blogurile si desavarsirea creatiei tale nu doar spirituale.
    Mult succes din partea cautatorului de trufe.

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